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CSIXX - XCM 3series 29" Rim

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Performance for the People


The 3series XCM rim has been developed with carefully picked features from each of our 9series carbon race rims :

Weight saving from the XCO
Structure from the XCM 
Strength from the END

This is a culmination of all the best features of our top end 9series rims in an affordable Aluminium package for everyone to enjoy.

The 26mm ID wide rims give the best balance between rolling resistance and grip. The Asymmetric profile allows the use of same-length spokes, symmetrical bracing angles which in turn gives a stiffer and more predictable wheel.

( Foamo's advised for aggressive riders )

rider weight limit of 120kg.

Tech Specs : 

 ID 26mm
Hole Count 28h
Depth 23.5mm
Asymmetric Profile Front Long side to Disc
Asymmetric Profile Rear Long side to Drive
Weight 510g
ERD 585mm
Spoke Hole Offset 2mm