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cSixx FOAMO Inserts help :

  • Prevent Pinch Flats
  • Protect your Rims 


  1. U-Shaped Profile 
    • Prevents rattling after hard compressions
    • Stops rotation after braking

  2.  Strike Zones
    • 20mm thick impact absorbing strike-zones
    • Gives a dampened feel to your ride

  3. Freeflow holes
    • For natural Air & Sealant flow

  4. U-Shaped Design
    • Allows FOAMO to form to the inside of your tire
    • Saves weight

  5. Bead Cavity
    • Easier tire seating
    • FOAMO doesn't intrude into the bead area for easier installation.

  • No need for custom valves

  • Non-Absorbant 

Ever been stuck half way up the mountain with an irreparabile Pinch flat or damaged Rim ?

Having to watch watch your friends ride off while you are left to walk your bike down.

No more Fear Of Missing Out with the cSixx FOAMO inserts !! 

They also help with tubeless setup so you don't have to use a compressor.
(dependant on rim & tire combo) 

Weighs in at just over 100grams 
and don't worry 
it won't suck up your Stans ! 

1 FOAMO = 1 Wheel